Research shows: This is why we must speak properly to horses

5. September, 2023

Research shows: This is why we must speak properly to horses

According to new research published in BMC Biology, studies show that horses, pigs and wild horses can not only distinguish between negative and positive sounds coming from their own species, but they can also recognize the difference when humans speak to them .

It emphasizes the importance of how we communicate with animals and how our tone can affect their perception of us.

The pigs and their wild relatives, the wild boars, were carefully studied, and the results showed that, like horses, both wild and tame, they clearly respond to emotionally charged sounds of their own kind. Interestingly, the animals also showed the ability to distinguish between human speech. Although the responses were more subtle, they could clearly distinguish positively and negatively charged tones – except for the wild boars, which showed less variation in responses.

Better well-being of the animals

The newly discovered knowledge not only raises ethical questions about our relationship with animals, but it can also represent a concrete opportunity to improve the animals’ daily well-being. Those who work with animals can benefit from this insight and use it as a practical tool to create better conditions and well-being for animals.