We make it easier to be a veterinarian

It should be easy for vets to treat small and large animals and give owners the best possible advice about the animals’ illnesses, health and well-being.

That is why at Salfarm we advise vets on the treatment of pets as well as working animals. But we do more than that: We respond quickly. We address the treatment needs when they are there. And we work closely with our customers to find the very best solutions – also for niche markets.

We believe that a healthy business is built together with customers.

We have done this since 1979, when merchant Helmer Nørgaard Olsen founded Salfarm and just had a single agency for veterinary medicines.

Today, we are a well-established company with a wide product range, highly specialized employees, a state-of-the-art quality management system and customers throughout Scandinavia.

This is our common shortcut to better treatment

We listen when you come up with suggestions on how we can support your and other vets’ work even better, and we have short chain of command and great freedom of action. Therefore, we can react quickly when new treatment needs arise – also in niche areas.

For example, we have developed vaccines based on material from Danish pigs, so that the vaccines work specifically on Scandinavian disease variants.

We make sure that you can always treat effectively – even urgently

We have chosen to have a large buffer stock, so that we have high delivery reliability, and we have dedicated employees for customer service who ensure fast and efficient processing of all orders. This means that you, as a veterinarian, can also treat acute illnesses and injuries.

We focus on getting the goods to your practice quickly. We are fast because we know it pays off for both you and us.

But we never rush more than we can do things properly. Because we’d rather take a moment longer than compromise!

We are also happy to help you with the paperwork. Among other things, we can fill in dispensation applications and write dosage instructions. Then you can spend time with the animals and their owners.

Get a response within 24 hours on weekdays

At Salfarm, you can always reach an employee on the phone, and regardless of whether we are in sales, customer service or in the director’s chair, we are aware that nothing is more important than you and our other customers.

We are all links in the same chain, and all links are crucial for us to be able to give you and our other customers the good service and together create the durable relationships Salfarm is known for.

You will never go in vain when you come to us to solve a problem. We prefer to pick up the phone and get things resolved here and now rather than send an email.

If we don’t have the solution ourselves, we will find it or help you forward to someone who does. We can’t always find a solution within 24 hours, but you always get an answer.

Welcome to Salfarm!


Salfarm has acquired the course company KirVet, which specializes in teaching vets and veterinary nurses in, among other things, local anesthesia for dogs and cats in particular.

The courses will be a Scandinavian collaboration with Salfarm’s departments in Norway & Sweden. As something new, with the acquisition of KirVet, Salfarm can therefore have course participants from areas where, due to the distance, it has been more difficult in the past. The strategic focus around Scandinavia is thereby strengthened with the acquisition of KirVet and course participants across the countries have the opportunity for sparring and knowledge sharing.

If you want to read more about KirVet and see the planned courses, you can read more here