We deal with personal data policy

Information on Personal Data Policy at Salfarm

Are you thinking about security and privacy regarding your personal data? For us, it is important that you have confidence in letting us use your personal data and that you are aware that we do so in a legal and trustworthy manner. Salfarm aims to ensure a high level of protection of your privacy. This Personal Data Policy describes how Salfarm uses your personal data, why and what rights you have as registered.

The types of personal data we collect: We can register different types of data about you in our IT systems – data for use in purchasing, sales, relevant marketing and technical professional support. Data in our systems includes basic contact information, such as company name, name, address, email address, phone number, position, authorization number and field of expertise. In addition, we can register visitor reports and possibly dispensed drug samples and material. Our mail system includes correspondence with our business partners, which e.g. may contain contact information and attachments.

Why do we collect and register personal data: In most cases, Salfarm processes your personal data to fulfill and manage our business obligations, e.g. invoicing, in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act. In some cases, our sales staff register customer data in order to comply with the applicable Medicines Act and to be able to provide the best possible professional technical support.

How we collect personal data: We collect and register data that: (i) you provide personally when you become our business partner and when you communicate with us, e.g. at meetings and conferences; (ii) is generated when you send mail to us.

How long we keep personal data: The data is kept as long as our cooperation continues or as long as there is a legitimate reason for this. Information that must be stored by law, such as annual financial statement data and documentation cf. the Medicines Act, is stored in accordance with this.

Who we share personal data with: We may pass on your data to subcontractors such as data processors who process data on our behalf. The reason is that from time to time we use these as support for our IT systems. However, these data processors may not use your data for purposes other than those we specify. We may also share personal data internally within the Salfarm Group. We are also obliged to disclose data when required by law and the exercise of public authority, such as Tax authorities, the Danish Medicines Agency or the police.

How we protect personal data: We work tirelessly to protect the privacy of our business partners and our employees. Our security measures include data, IT infrastructure, buildings and technical facilities. Great emphasis is placed on information security to prevent data breaches and data loss. Data access is limited to those with a legitimate need and all processing is regularly monitored. We have a structured approach to virus protection and other external threats. We also instruct our employees on IT security, etc., to raise awareness of the importance of safe and appropriate personal data.

Your rights: You have the right to know what personal data we have registered about you, why and how we process it. You have the following rights: – Right to access (request an overview of your current data that we use) – Right to rectification (if you discover an error, we correct or supplement our records) – Right to deletion/objection (data that is no longer required or when you object to processing and where your interest outweighs ours) – The right to restriction (when you believe that a particular use lacks legal grounds) – The right to transferability (when under certain conditions you wish to transfer your data to another party).

Contact information: Salfarm Danmark A/S, Nordager 19, 6000 Kolding, is the data controller and is thus responsible for the processing of your personal data.

If you want to contact Salfarm’s Data Protection Officer, you can send an e-mail to info@salfarm.com or call us on 7552 9413